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Easy Steps to Help Move with Pets -- Ameritex Movers

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience but not for your pets. The experience is much more stressful to them, perhaps even depressing as it changes everything they’re used to and familiar with; feeding and playing time, the layout of the house and routes around them. There are ways, however, to make the transition smoother and comfortable for your furry friends. To find out how, read these four easy moving tips for pets.

#1: Prepare well ahead of time – The key to moving pets to a new home easily is to make early preparations. Your furry friends don’t augur well with last-minute preparations as it gets them into panic mode. In the chaos of hurriedly tapping, packing your massive cardboard boxes and frantic movements of trucks pets get overly startled. To avoid this, start packing a few weeks before to get the pets acquainted. This keeps them calm and familiar with moving of boxes.

#2: Prepare your pet’s essentials in a box – Every pet owner wants to help their pet cope easily and fast with the new environment but just don’t know how. According to Dallas and Fort Worth movers, getting a box prepared with everything your pet cherishes helps a great deal – their favorite toys, medication in case of any emergencies (anything can happen), a week’s worth of food, and anything else you can think of. A box with essentials always comes in handy.

#3: Keep your pets’ safe on the moving day – Subjecting your furry friends to the commotion and noisy activities on the day of the move will only get them frightened and ill at ease – and that’s not what you want. Keep your furry friends in a room, with doors locked, and windows closed. This will prevent them from sneaking out and getting lost, it also keeps them safe. So once you’re done moving and packing everything into the moving truck, gladly come for them.

#4: Keep your pets comfortable enough – In all the handy and easy moving tips for pets, this is perhaps the most crucial. An eight-hour journey can make your pets weary (much as you would be yourself). So ensure your pet is well fed prior to taking the trip. Also, have it rest in a comfy box (your cat) and the dog in a comfy kennel. Dallas and Fort Worth movers discourage pet owners from letting out their pets at stops during trips. Wait until you arrive in your new home.
Taking these handy and easy steps will almost certainly make moving day a lot more comfortable and easier for you and your furry friends. Once you’ve moved at your new residence, find a new vet just in case your pet(s) suffered from dehydration (most pets don’t eat or drink anything in a moving car) or motion sickness.